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Monsters and Men is 2 years old!

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Hey guys! We're hosted by an awesome person named Aussie, or Australia. The server we use is pretty teeny tiny, and costs money to keep up. You're not obligated to donate, but we'd appreciate every little bit - it all helps!
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Click here to get started and learn information like the rules, and where to go to find out about our setting and mechanics.
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The Wiki is home to majority of the information to Monsters and Men, but for a more structured approach to what you need to know to play, look at the Site Basics. Also the wiki contains Player Profiles that show what a player is comfortable and wants plot wise, as well as a little bit about them and what characters they play.
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Hosted by the man only known as Palmer, Lavender Tower is the only source of news through both it's radio show and being the only newspaper in Cimmeria. Contained here are the announcements of the roleplay and events.
Re: Update 1.6  Thief  Dec 06, 2016, 09:08PM 53 Topics 484 Posts
A guest friendly board where questions, suggestions and the like can be posted.
Re: Pokedex Wiki Entries...  overzelllous  Oct 16, 2016, 12:08PM 41 Topics 151 Posts

Home Base

This is where all character applications should go. Use the topic tags to indicate whether your application is a WIP, or if it's finished.

The Wanted Ad subforum is here as well.
Re: August Freud  August Freud  Dec 04, 2016, 06:20AM 130 Topics 238 Posts
Accepted characters go here. Welcome to the board!
Re: Delphine Gauthier  Thief  Dec 01, 2016, 06:31PM 235 Topics 607 Posts
The place to check out the Underground, the black market, for selling a buying items and pokemon, and the regular marketplace!
Re: The Copperpeak Villa...  Denver Caldwell  Oct 19, 2016, 01:18PM 19 Topics 71 Posts
Here is where quests are created, taken and archived.
Re: Quest Reward Claims  overzelllous  Jul 14, 2016, 09:10AM 83 Topics 195 Posts
No one knows how this strange world came to be, but it's suspected to be the work of a very powerful Darkrai. Going into the Dream World of objects is dangerous, but highly rewarding as it makes them more powerful.

Going in here requires a ticket, and the trip won't be easy.
The Dream World  Thief  Jun 18, 2016, 08:03AM 1 Topics 1 Posts


Threat Level: Low
Variety Level: Low

The Nucleus’s central city, it occupies the largest island and is linked to the other four towns by ferries and bridges. Diamond City is the heart of human civilization as we know it, the “crown jewel”of the Nucleus. The military headquarters are in Aluminum Tower, often referred to as just “The Alum” or “The Tower”. The tower is also where most prisoners are kept, either to be executed or used in experiments, and where the League trains it's members. Not far from there, Ion University takes students who are age sixteen and older, training them for their future professions. Diamond City has the highest quality technology and medicine, and many people from the outer Nucleus travel there hoping for medical cures and solutions to their problems. However, this city is not exempt from the resource shortage, so many leave disappointed, finding that the solutions they need require an unreasonable amount of money. While the city is kept clean and neat to look promising, the gutters and alleyways are clogged with the homeless and orphans who struggle to feed themselves. It is also a rather surprising fact to learn that this is also the stronghold city for The Underground. Business booms on the black market and you may be able to find what you need there if you can just find the Right People.
Re: Embrace the Suck  Riley Everton  Dec 07, 2016, 08:19PM 58 Topics 1976 Posts
Threat Level: Low
Variety Level: Low

With a dusty and flat landscape, Lithium doesn’t appear at first glance to be a traditional safe haven. With the exception of a thin river, the land is infertile for farming or really anything. However, the mud and dirt along the banks are home to several minerals that make the water from there desirable. Factories dot the town, working to process out different minerals. Like the scenery, everything in town is strangely serene, to the point that outsiders find it unsettling. During the day, the town looks deserted. People claim its because the wind kicks up dust and makes the air unbearable, but that doesn’t seem to be the full story, because at dusk and dawn, the city comes alive. There are rumors that a government facility disguised as a factory exists here, specializing in attempts to turn the fatally ill into ghost pokemon friendly to humans.
Re: Who the hell are you...  Samantha Lobo  Dec 05, 2016, 07:58AM 17 Topics 816 Posts
Threat Level: Low
Variety Level: Low

This small town rests between the western mountains and the ocean. Beaches of white sand lead into the bay, and ships sail people and goods from this town to Diamond City. The waters are normally placid, but this town suffers from attacks by wild pokemon. There is no way to purge the seas completely of wild water pokemon, so the citizens must always be prepared to fight and defend their town. The ocean brings its own bounty as well. Food is fished up from the depths, along with plants that are used for medicine, and hidden treasures litter the ocean floor. Though storms are rare, they strike hard when they come. The entire town shuts down during a bad storm, with citizens and visitors hiding in their homes and anywhere that they can find shelter.
Re: Beach Boys [Luca | R...  Luca  Dec 04, 2016, 06:35PM 39 Topics 1205 Posts
Threat Level: Low
Variety Level: Low

Small streams leech the nutrients from the area and eventually gathering into a cascading waterfall that feeds into a small basin in the center of town. Half of the town is located under the shelter of a mountain behind the waterfall, but all of it is rather high up in the mountains. It takes days to climb up and reach Copperpeak Village, though the scenery makes the trip worthwhile. Copper in the soil makes the ground a rich red colour while small particles of gold give the broad leaves of small trees golden veins. Temperatures and humidity are both high and rainfall is a common occurrence for more than half of the year.
Re: Bandaids and Bullet ...  Cato Reynolds  Sep 11, 2016, 10:54AM 23 Topics 686 Posts
Threat Level: Low
Variety Level: Low

Quaint little mud brick farmhouses shaped like triangles reaching toward the sky with thatched roofs dot the golden fields of rolling hills and are bordered by small stone walls. Due to it's size, most things in Phosphorous Fields are shared amongst the community including grains, produce, dairy products and ideals. The small farming community doesn’t have much in the way of roads but the lesser warn paths suit their purpose well. An orchard of citrus fruits and various berries are offered to trade to the other towns and pokemon that provide tradable or edible goods can be found grazing the fields.
Re: To Battle! [Battle S...  overzelllous  Nov 29, 2016, 05:01AM 54 Topics 1454 Posts
Threat Level: Medium
Variety Level: Low

Nestled in the foothills of the Outlands, Arsenic Heights has risen from humble beginnings into a bustling metropolis, rife with opportunity and ventures, some more profitable than others, most of the unlawful sort. What once began as a hidden, sheltered tent city has grown into many-storied buildings built of scrap metal, adobe, and wood on the banks of the winding Mercury River, all clustered around the Belltower, an ambitiously tall lighthouse-like structure in which the militant Bellkeepers eat, train and live. While most within these walls live by their gun (or blade, or fists, or claws...), those that live here willingly trade the safety of a ubiquitous military presence within the Nucleus, for the freedoms without.
Re: Mead and Mayhem (Nik...  Amissa  Dec 05, 2015, 02:06PM 14 Topics 620 Posts
Threat Level: Medium
Variety Level: Average

Tungsten Town is located on the southernmost peninsula of the Western Outlands. Surrounded by wilderness on all sides, it’s a miracle that the settlement even exists. Their only military power is a small militia and police force, used more for maintaining order within their borders than defending them from outside threats. The secret that keeps the town alive is rather dark. Each year, a child is selected for sacrifice and willingly given over to the surrounding wild pokemon as a symbol of submission and alliance. In return, the wild pokemon don’t kill them. Mostly. The population of the town is extremely small. Although they appear welcoming to visitors, one might get the feeling that the people here harbor ulterior motives for being so kind. They live quietly, and are mostly vegetarians so as not to risk hunting and upsetting the wild pokemon around. They don’t use pokeballs or domesticate pokemon, but some villagers can be seen with ranger bands. Visitors who come with pokemon contained in balls are at risk of being attacked by the locals, having their pokemon set free, and being given as gifts of goodwill to the surrounding wild pokemon. It’s too far away from the Nucleus or Arsenic Heights to have much of a League or Underground presence, but rangers and adventurers occasionally drop in are treated well as long as they follow the rules.
Re: Friend of my Enemy [...  Angelo Young  Apr 26, 2016, 05:34PM 1 Topics 6 Posts
Threat Level: Medium
Variety Level: Average

Cobalt Haven rests on the mainland shore of the Eastern Outlands. It’s proximity to the sea keeps temperatures more moderate than in most areas of Cimmeria. There is a vast desert to the north of the city, but the city itself is built on very fertile farmland. The people subsist mostly by fishing and farming, with some hunting as well. An immense stone wall surrounds the city, protecting it from both wild pokemon and invaders with the only exits being the main gate and the underground sewage tunnels. The desert also acts as a natural deterrent for potential invaders. The city is ruled by a monarchy, with the reigning monarch referred to as the Heavenly King or Heavenly Queen. The city also has their own military, though they lack much of the technological development and the manpower found in the Nucleus. The people are very spiritual, and within the city are elaborate temples to honor legendary pokemon. Priests and priestesses are highly revered for their abilities as healers, fortune-tellers, and advisors to the ruling class. The populace is generally well-educated with even the poorest slaves being taught to read and write. Slavery works differently in this city than inside the Nucleus as it does not exclude children.
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Threat Level: High
Variety Level: High

Without the safety of the Nucleus it’s difficult to get by in this world and yet there are a select few that thrive in the wilds and the unknown. The remote landscape has been shaped by years of violent weather; lightning storms, floods and fires are all too familiar and appear to follow a very distinct seasonal cycle. The Pokémon, pokemorphs, and even people you find in the outlands are dangerous and should not be trusted; banished there because of some evil they have done, escaped there simply to survive or even ventured there to prove their courage and strength. If you are out to prove yourself in this treacherous place it’s highly suggested that you travel in a group and come well prepared.
Re: Vanguard [Phantom Ou...  Amissa  Feb 26, 2016, 09:39PM 46 Topics 1577 Posts

Hub Area

Area for general chat among members, including a place to play forum games and a place to discuss Pokemon!
Re: Hello peoples!  Thief  Oct 04, 2016, 09:50AM 73 Topics 300 Posts
Good name is good. Discuss the forum here, including plots and the like.
Grim Plots sound ominous...  Grim  Nov 30, 2016, 09:24PM 18 Topics 87 Posts
An area for all creative endeavors, with a place for graphics and art, writing, character and plot development help. Even has a place for AU (alternative universe) roleplays! (Bet you can't guess which subforum that one is!)
Chasing the Spirit, Aura...  Isola  Mar 27, 2016, 11:29AM 20 Topics 101 Posts
All advertising goes here, guest friendly of course. Also contains a thread for affiliate requests. Both [center] and [align=center] tags work.
Pokemon: Terrene [JCINK]  Lunar  Dec 05, 2016, 05:11PM 1734 Topics 1783 Posts
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